14 July 2008


Hylily Azuresky (74a)


Ch. Toshiki Etheodor of Hylily (74c)

What can I say about Venus, she is a lively, affectionate, bossy and loud Tonkinese. She is like a shadow, always behind me, although she struts around the place as if she owned it. The only cat she bows down to is her Mum Sky. Venus is a cat with attitude but a really lovely one. If there is trouble anywhere you can be sure that Venus will be in the thick of it. She is a blue point so although 4th generation cannot be shown. Venus proves to be no problem at the stud being outrageously promiscuous. She visited Sue Amore's lovely boy "Amorcatz Pharoahs Kiss" last year and produced a lovely litter of six blue and lilac point kittens in January.
Venus is expeting Kittens early November 2010. The stud is Sue Amor's 'Barnie', these kittens will all have the Tonkinese coat pattern and will be 5th generation.

Venus has recently been off to stud (Tarjika Amorcatz Zazu) so am hopeful that she will produce kittens at the end of March.