CH. TONKYWAY TSEEN-SHE (74at) Blue Tabby


Tseen-She's dam - Carina did a marvellous job in producing a second litter of nine kittens, she has most definitely earned her retirement and Tseen-She along with her sister will hopefully follow along in her paw steps both on the Show bench and in the maternity wing. Tseen is a beautiful girl with lovely green-blue eyes, she is sweet natured but also a very confident girl. I hope to start showing her from May onwards.

Tseen She is growing into a really beautiful girl with her spotty markings becoming more prominent as she matures. At her first Show she has proven that it is possible to follow in mums paw prints as she managed to achieve "Best Kitten in Show", just as Carina did back in 2011 at her first show. Seen is a little more reserved than her mum but am sure she will become more confident as she attends more shows.

In July Tseen She attending her second double show, still in Kitten Classes she was much more relaxed this time out. Almost a complete double red card day plus BOB; hopefully she will continue to do well when she matures and moves up to Adult Classes.

September and Tseen-She has attended her first Show as an Adult - West Country CC at Thornbury, and what a good day out it was too. Another Red card day plus her first cc, am really delighted with her. She still has a lot of maturing to do. Her tabby markings are becoming more defined, she does have strong warm tones to her coat which can be confusing when it comes to defining her colouring but her points are definitely blue and until there is a colour test available she will continue to be shown as a Blue Tabby.