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Loyal, Intelligent, Demanding, Gentle, communicative and Adorable - just a few of their many attributes


Having been a breeder for a few years I have come to appreciate the importance of retaining good lineage's, and the introduction of only pure bloodlines that have a history.Pedigrees that go back many decades and produced the beautiful Siamese cat that a lot of us remember from our youth.I cannot profess to have years of experience but I am willing to learn and take advice from well-established breeders, and I have been fortunate to meet several who have been prepared to mentor me and trust me with their Old Style Siamese kittens so that the gene pool can expand. In addition I have listened to my clients who have expressed their concerns about the change of look in the Siamese and their difficulty in obtaining an Old Style kitten. Many have turned to purchasing other foreign breeds like the Tonkinese

This unfortunate situation is due in the main to the Old Style losing favor in the Show ring of major Cat Fancies and now this beautiful looking cat is on the verge of extinction.The current Show style of Siamese, although retaining similar personalities to the Old Style, have a much more extreme look. Many of the old Siamese genes and lineages have been lost and can never be recovered, but I believe that as long as there are a few breeders worldwide who are passionate about keeping and extending the bloodlines that are left the Old Style Siamese will survive.


Things are moving in the right direction now that TICA have awarded Championship Status (May 2010) to the Old Style Siamese under the name "Thai". So once again these lovely cats will grace the show ring.It could be many more years before other Cat Fancies also accept the "Thai" but those of us who are passionate about our cats will continue to promote this breed at every opportunity.I am proud to say that I am one of those passionate people. If you are interested in learning more about these cats please use the links to the Old Style Cat Club and Preossa.Icurrently register my cats with both TICA and the GCCF

I currently have five Old Style/Classic Siamese and it is my intention to further the gene pool with the help of my two queens "Luna" and "Xing", and stud boys, "Magic" and "Mr. Bubs". I also intend to source and import some of the older blood-lines that have been lost to the UK but can still be found abroad.

Below are links to pictures of Old Style Siamese these pictures go as far back as early 20th century. Enjoy.

Magic was bred by Shirley Verrier (Shekoa). Shirley has, and still is my mentor, giving me help, advice and encouragement to continue to breed Old Style Siamese. When I explained to Shirley that I was finding it difficult to obtain a suitable stud boy she immediately said "well I have got three boys here who may be suitable", and that's how Magic came to join my family. He is now a year old and is more than ready to prove himself with the ladies. He is well grown with a lovely silky coat and an excellent appetite. Magic is very affectionate but also quite shy with strangers, he is very happy in his Moon Station (Stud house) as from there he can see all that goes on and everyone that visits. My one and only attempt to show Magic was a disaster as he hated every minute of it, so I won't be taking him out again.

Mr Bubs, named after my Siamese boy "Bubbles" is a lovely Seal Point tabby, not fazed by anything, he just slotted into my family of felines like a piece from a jigsaw puzzle. Everyone young and old adores him and he laps up all the attention, never failing to turn on the "purr-motor". He is always purring and loves nothing more than a cuddle. Mr. Bubs will not be moving into his stud quarters until next year. I am extremely grateful to Lesley Green for entrusting such a delightful little boy to me, he is a real credit to her.

The latest addition to the siamese family is Ying Ying, bred by Mr. Henry Tinney she is full sister to Cradlebridge Ocsar who fathered both Xing and Mizuki. Ying Ying is a really sweet girl, very friendly and affectionate. She has stunning blue eyes. Ying Ying has settled in extremely well and gets along with all the other cats and kittens.

2013 My Siamese family has expanded a bit over the past few years. Mr. Bubs has been retired and now has a pampered pet life. His successor - FLINT is a lovely big seal point boy bred by Margaret Lindgren (Marajade). Flint has already fathered several litters, both planned and unplanned. One of his daughters from Luna's final litter - AMARIS is taking over from her mum who has now been retired. Other additions to the family are MIZUKI, bred by Cynthia Hopper (Wicca) and CHAI LAI also bred by Cynthia. Mizuki is currently my show star as she was very successfully shown as a kitten when she achieved the title "Best Thai kitten for Western Europe 2011". This year she has been shown as an adult and is well on the way to achieving her Grand Title. Chai is the daughter of Rozetta and Alexi, so she is half sister to Xing, she is growing into a really nice big girl with an even bigger personality. Her father ALEXI is the stud boy that Cynthia and I imported from Sandy Engle (Sandypoints) in Philadelphia, USA. He is a lovely natured boy and he has had many visitors since his arrival. At present he is still residing with Cynthia in Kent.

Cassie is the other addition to the family, she is the daughter of Xing and Mr. Bubs and is a lovely big tabby girl, a little shyer than her brother Regulus (now Prince William) who went to Philadelphia as a stud and who is already a father. Cassie will be bred from later this year.

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