18 August 2007


Adviam Outofthisworld (24)


Adviam Chocolate Lover (24b)

Prima is another traditional siamese purchased from Shirley Verrier (Shekoa) in Devon in 2008. She is a lovely chocolate point and very affectionate once she gets to know you. She can be very skittish with strangers and sometimes seems to be frightened of her own shadow. Prima was 10 months old when she came to me so was rather set in her ways. She absolutely adores "Dip" like all the females. Being a bit on the nervous side she has proved difficult to get pregnant but last year produced three lovely chocolate Tonkinese to the same stud (Champion Karesame Callum) as Luna. I retained one of the kittens "Gem" for breeding on. So far I have been unsuccessful this year in getting Prima pregnant but I haven't given up yet. She is a really sweet cat and a devoted mum.