CH. WICCA MIZUKI (Miz) (24b) carries (Bl)


02 July 2011


Wica Yoko (24b)


Cradlebridge Oscar (24)


Mizuki (Thai for Beautiful Moon) has just arrived. She is a really lovely girl, very affectionate and confident, another real credit to her breeder - Cynthia Hopper. I just know she is going to become a little favorite as she has so much charm. More updates and pictures as she matures.

Miz at nine months old is a really well matured young lady. She is a good size with a lovely soft and silky coat. She adores being cuddled and can be very demanding and a little possessive sometimes, but she is so sweet you can forgive her anything.

I am delighted to announce that through TICA, WICCA MIZUKI OF SIALAXY is a Best of Breed in Western Europe for the 2011/2012 show year as the 2012 BEST THAI KITTEN OF THE YEAR.

Miz has continued her rise to stardom and has been awarded :
2014 Best Thai of the Year (Best of Breed in Western Europe 2013/14) also
2014 Best Chocolate Point Thai of the Year (Best of colour in Western Europe 2013/14)
2014 3rd Best Chocolate Point Thai in TICA

The Regional Awards Presentation will be held on will be held on 4 October 2014 at Solihull