12 October 2009


Adateam Quantocks Luna (24)


Ch. Karesama Callum (27b)

Maia is a very well grown young cat. She is a first generation with a light coloured chocolate tonkinese coat pattern. Her fur is very soft and silky like her mums and she has a very laid back attitude. Being close in age to Gem they are both very good friends and treat the house as their own personal race-track. She is still very much a kitten and is a constant source of entertainment.

Maia's first litter of seven kittens were born in April 2011 without any assistance ........ She was very calm and laid back about the whole affair and chose to have them in the lounge She has done a wonderful job of rearing them.

Maia is pregnant again, this time to Amorcatz Pharoahs Kiss (74av) owned by Sue Amor. She is due 4 May 2012 and kittens should be browns and chocolates with both the mink and pointed coat pattern.
Update: Six kittens produced on time, Lilac, Blue and Brown, little stunners.

Maias third litter of five kittens were fathered by Amorcatz Rafa Nadal (74nt) and were born on 13 January 2013. This is her final litter and she will be neutered in March. One of these male kittens is to continue her bloodline as a stud boy for Mdm Martine Peiffert who lives in France. My intention is to rehome her with one of her kittens. She is a lovely girl, very affectionate and gentle and she deserves a loving pet home.