6 January 2008


Jarmila Gisela (61v)


Hancas Prospero (24b)

Luna is a Traditional style Seal Point Siamese. I purchased her from Zuzanna Bale (Jarmila) as a starter queen for my new bloodlines in March 2008. She was 10 weeks old and slotted into the household brilliantly. My queen "Sky" and neuter "Dip" readily adopted her. She has a lovely affectionate nature, very gentle but sometimes a little reserved. She is fastidious in her cleaning and never seems to have a hair out of place. Luna is a none aggressive cat, she just gets along with everyone and every cat. Being siamese she is talkative but not with too loud a voice, her eyes are the most gorgeous blue and her coat is like silk. She has proved to be a super mum, producing six kittens in both her litters. Her first litter was born in October last year, the stud being a lovely chocolate Burmese, I retained one female "Maia". This years litter, just born (August), are to a different stud Seysiana Sundaybest, a lovely Lilac, who lives fairly locally to me. Her second litter of six (August 2010) were to a different stud boy.

Luna is now pregnant to my stud boy Magic and due mid May 2012. These kittens should be all four main colors and will be ready for new homes from the beginning of August 2012.