Phabbay Ozzi Otto (Corrie) Lilac TCR (TOS c 332)


16 April 2017

The Males

Spiritofthesky - Blue Tabby TCR (Adopted)

The Females

Kaloni - Blue TCR (Adopted)
Azura - Blue TCR (Adopted)
Neelima - Blue TCR (Adopted)
Kya - Blue Tabby TCR (Adopted)
Ziarre - Blue Tabby TCR


Zohreh is such a strong character as well as being a lovely big strong girl. She was absolutely enormous carrying these kittens (54cm around the tummy with two weeks to go); and I was worried she would have an extremely large litter. Well she quietly during the early hours of East Sunday got on with the job of producing her seven even sized babies, no fuss or bother, all cleaned and suckling very quickly.