Ying Ying's Kittens 2013




13 December 2013

Ying Ying gave birth on Friday 13th, and unfortunately it has proved to be unlucky for her kittens. Four kittens were produced without too much distress and Ying cleaned and cared for them very well. Unfortunately after giving birth she was reluctant to take on the responsibility of motherhood and as a consequence three of her kittens are no longer with us. The fourth kitten has been adopted by Mizuki and has settled in with his half brothers and sisters. He has a struggle on his paws though; his half siblings are 10 days his senior and four times his weight.

The one surviving kitten from Yings litter has been nicknamed Yingki and he is now doing really well although it is always a struggle getting a look in at the milk bar. His adoptive mum - Mizuki and family have all accepted him as one of the family.

Ying Ying will be retired as a breeding queen and will therefore be looking for a new home, she is a young girl with lots of love to give so please contact me if you think you can offer her a loving home.