Venus's Kittens 2014


Tonkyway Chertan (74tv)


30 March 2014

The Males

Draconis (74cv) - ADOPTED
Eridani (74atv) - ADOPTED
Pegasi (74atv) - ADOPTED

The Females

Geminorum (74av) - ADOPTED
Aquilae (74atv) - ADOPTED
Columbae (74v) - RETAINED


Venus is a real veteran at giving birth now and the kittens popped out without any complications. As normal they were born in my bed and are still there a week on. She has three of each sex and they are all feeding and growing well. These will probably be her last litter of kittens as she is now 5 years old, one of the females will be retained to take over from her mum.

Kittens are growing up fast and are now eating solids and using the litter tray.

Columbae has now been successfully shown and gained her first Merit with very positive judges comments. Until she is of breeding age I will continue to show her.