Taurina Kittens 2017


Seysianna Sundaybest (Boysie) - (27c) Lilac Burmese


2 April 2017

The Males

Tsukino - Brown (Adopted)
Tellus - Brown (Adopted)
Dark Tenousei - Brown (Retained as stud boy)

The Females

Terrena - Brown (Adopted)


Taurina has been rather grumpy through a lot of this pregnancy as she has had to tolerate her friends kittens but now that she has her own she is in her element. Four lovely first generation Tonks of good size. She is a born mum and is taking great care of them as well as any other kittens that she can drag into the nest.

IMG_2070.jpg Tsukino - 19 wks IMG_7183.jpg Tellus 17 weeks