Talayeh's kittens 2018


Ch. Phabbay Galactic Comet (TOS b 33)


5 February 2018

The Males

Sunny (Chocolate)
Kiran (Chocolate CPP)
Sahar (Chocolate CPP)
Ravin (Chocolate CPP)

The Females

Roxann (Chocolate)
Kyra (Chocolate CPP)


Tally is a very 'chilled out' girl who is extremely relaxed about the whole birthing process. She quietly started having her kittens in the afternoon produced two and then had a good long rest until around 7pm when she produced No. 3, a couple of hours later No. 4 arrived and then just after midl-night No. 5, with No. 6 arriving after I had gone to bed. All kittens were cleaned, cared for and busy at the milk bar very quickly. A very contented mum.