Talayeh's kittens 2017


Tonkyway Chertan - (TOS n 21 33) Brown Tabby CPP


10th February 2017

The Males

Arun - Chocolate CPP (Reserved)
Kishor - Chocolate CPP (Reserved)
Luken - Lilac TCR (Reserved)
Apophis - Chocolate Tabby CPP (Reserved)
Sunshineboy - Chocolate Tabby TCR (Reserved)

The Females

Raveena - Chocolate TCR (Reserved)
Eleana - Blue Tabby TCR (Reserved)


Talayeh is such a calm, relaxed cat. She went into labour around 9am and proceeded at regular intervals to pop out a kitten. She has settled down with this large brood really well given that she only had two to rear last time. Of course the wanted to have the companionship of pregnant queen Selene who was only too happy to oblige. All kittens are of a nice even size with more boys than girls.