Shenandoah & Hamish Kittens 2017


Zephanco Dreamweaver (TOSb 33) Chocolate CPP


3 May 2017

The males

Tarendra - Brown CPP (Adopted)
Zaurak - Brown CPP
Thuban - Brown CPP (Adopted)
Nihal - Brown CPP (Adopted)
Shoteka - Blue CPP (Adopted)

The Females

Shens Chaska - Brown CPP (Retained)


Having had problems last time it was a great relief when this litter was delivered without any assistance and on time. Shen did a marvellous job and popped all six of them (four male, two female) out in record time, cleaned and nursed them. She is a very protective mum and likes to have lots of privacy. The kittens are all of very good size and will all be CPP but as yet I do not know what colours they will be. Five males, one female. The female kitten - Chaska (Native American for Star Goddess) is going to be making a long journey to the USA as part of an exchange program for a new bloodline.Shen has now been spayed and retired due to developing a pyometra. She has been offered a very loving home locally by Pat. Pat has a lovely home in the countryside and Shen will enjoy the freedom of hunting as well as being a pampered and much loved lap cat.