Mizuki's Kittens 2015


Marajade Filius Flitwick (24) carries (bl)


14 April 2015

Mizuki took her time to deliver these babies and decided it would be best in the quiet of the early morning. The first one arrived at 1am and the last just before 4am. All kittens were promptly cleaned and my job was purely moral support. Miz is an excellent mum and being in very good condition she is able to keep the kittens well satisfied so all are lovely and quiet. Her other daughters - Mist and Sui Sei are keeping their distance so as not to get roped into the babysitting.

12/05/15 - Kittens growing up fast, at three weeks are venturing out of their bed and being guarded by Suisei. There are two girls and three boys four Seal Point and One Blue Point.

14/07/15 At thirteen weeks these are a very mixed group of kittens with two being large and the other three being smaller. They are a friendly group and very chatty, especially at food time. The smallest - Indulala is very sweet, always the most forward and outgoing of the group she is always first into the feed bowl. Oberon the largest boy is very regal but loves cuddles as does big sis Lunetta.

The Males

Konane (24a) Adopted
Oberon (24) Adopted
Senay (24) Adopted

The Females

Lunetta (24) Adopted
Indulala (24)

IMG_3509.jpg Day 1 IMG_3510.JPG Day 1 IMG_3540.JPG Day 5 IMG_3541.JPG Day 6 IMG_3547.JPG Day 8 IMG_3552.JPG Day 8 IMG_3553.JPG Day 8 IMG_3587.jpg Day 12 IMG_3591.JPG Day 12 IMG_3595.JPG Day 16 IMG_3598.JPG Day 16 IMG_3612.JPG Day 21 IMG_3641.jpg Day 26 IMG_3680.JPG 4 weeks IMG_3681.JPG A real family affair. IMG_3708.jpg 5 weeks old IMG_3709.jpg 5 weeks old IMG_3711.JPG 5 weeks old IMG_3712.jpg 5 weeks old IMG_3722.jpg Six week birthday IMG_3758.jpg 7 weeks Birthday IMG_3759.jpg 7 weeks Birthday IMG_3760.jpg 7 weeks Birthday IMG_3761.JPG 7 weeks Birthday IMG_3763.JPG 7 weeks Birthday IMG_3858.JPG 10 weeks IMG_3901.JPG Senay 12 weeks IMG_3903.JPG Senay 12 weeks IMG_3908.JPG Lunetta & Indulala 12 weeks IMG_3910.jpg Konane 12 weeks IMG_3929.JPG Konane 13 weeks IMG_3932.JPG Lunetta & Oberon 13 wks IMG_3933.JPG Altogether at 13 weeks IMG_3986.JPG Oberon 14 weeks IMG_3990.jpg 14 weeks IMG_3994.jpg Konane 14 weeks IMG_3997.jpg 14 weeks IMG_3999.jpg 14 weeks IMG_4001.JPG 14 weeks IMG_4003.jpg Indulala 14 weeks IMG_4004.JPG 14 weeks IMG_4005.jpg 14 weeks IMG_4006.jpg 14 weeks IMG_4011.jpg 14 weeks IMG_4012.jpg Senay 14 wks IMG_4017.jpg 14 weeks IMG_4062.jpg 15 weeks IMG_4066.jpg 15 weeks IMG_4071.JPG 16 weeks IMG_4073.JPG 16 weeks IMG_4077.JPG Lunetta 16 wks Konane 15 wks.JPG Konane 15 wks IMG_4155.JPG Konane 17 weeks old IMG_4156.JPG Konane 17 weeks old IMG_4164.jpg Indulala & Konane at 17 weeks IMG_4165.jpg Konane 17 weeks old IMG_4168.jpg Konane 17 weeks IMG_4169.jpg Indulala & Konane at 17 weeks IMG_4172.jpg Indulala 17 weeks IMG_4191.JPG Indulala chills at 17 weeks IMG_4192.jpg Indulala - 17 weeks IMG_4279.JPG Indulala 20 weeks