Mizuki's Kittens 2014




19 June 2014

Miz went into labour around 5pm this afternoon and the first kitten appeared at 5.30. The first five kittens were all breech delivery and poor Miz was panting in the heat. I was fanning her to help cool her down. All seven kittens were born by 7pm, all are healthy and have made a move to the milk bar.

July 13th update

Miz and her kittens are all doing really well, I can now confirm that she has six females and one male. Eyes started to open at 6 days and now at three weeks they are all on the move. Miz is a very relaxed queen and has readily accepted the help (babysitting) from her daughter Mist and also Amaris.

The Males

Tsukino (24b) - ADOPTED

The Females

Mitzuki (24b) - ADOPTED
Tsuki (24c) - ADOPTED
Tukiyo (24c) - ADOPTED
Suisei (24c)
Magics Tukiko (24c) - ADOPTED
Mikazuki (24b) - ADOPTED

IMG_2071.JPG One day old IMG_2077.JPG Proud mum - one day old kitts IMG_2097.JPG Five days IMG_2132.JPG 8 days old IMG_2162.JPG 13 days old IMG_2163.JPG 13 days old IMG_2165.JPG 13 days old IMG_2201.JPG Two weeks old IMG_2211.JPG Two weeks old IMG_2215.JPG Two weeks old IMG_2216.JPG Two weeks old IMG_2220.JPG Two weeks old IMG_2230.JPG Three weeks old IMG_2231.JPG Three weeks old IMG_2235.JPG Three weeks old IMG_2240.JPG Three weeks old IMG_2242.jpg Three weeks old IMG_2243.jpg Three weeks old IMG_2285.JPG Four weeks old IMG_2286.JPG Four weeks old IMG_2287.jpg Four weeks old IMG_2289.JPG Four weeks old IMG_2290.JPG Four weeks old IMG_2293.JPG Four weeks old IMG_2346.JPG Seven weeks old IMG_2460.jpg Eight weeks old IMG_2464.JPG Eight weeks old IMG_2466.jpg Eight weeks old IMG_2468.JPG Eight weeks old IMG_2477.JPG A cuddle with Amaris IMG_2495.JPG 9 weeks IMG_2496.JPG 9 weeks IMG_2501.JPG 9 weeks IMG_2540.JPG Miz & Suisei aged 12 wks IMG_2569.JPG Miz & Mikazuki aged 12 wks IMG_2570.JPG Mikazuki at 12 wks Mikazuki 12 wks.JPG Mikazuki 12 wks Mitzuki 12 wks.jpg Mitzuki 12 wks Suisei 12 wks.JPG Suisei 12 wks Tsuki 12 wks.JPG Tsuki 12 wks Tsukino at 12 wks.jpg Tsukino at 12 wks Tukiko 12 wks.JPG Tukiko 12 wks Tukiyo 12 weeks.jpg Tukiyo 12 weeks IMG_2708.JPG Tukiko at 17 weeks IMG_2710.JPG Mikazuki 17 weeks IMG_2717.jpg Tukiko 17 weeks IMG_2721.jpg Mikazuki & Suisei 17 weeks IMG_2722.jpg Mitzuki & Tukiko 17 weeks IMG_2723.JPG Mitzuki, Tukiko, Mikazuki & Suisei 17 weeks  .JPG Mitzuki just like her mum 17 weeks