Mei-Xing kittens 2019


Marajade Filius Flitwick (SIA n)


25th February 2019

The Males

Hua-Ying (SIA n)
Qing (SIA a)

The Females

Jing-Xing (SIA n)
Shen (SIA n)


Mei is very like her mother Xing in her mannerisms as well as her looks. She is not a girl who takes the birthing process quietly and most definitely lays all the blame for the pain on me. Once it is over though she is all sweet again and is a good mum. This time she was in labour for most of the day and then just before midnight on Sunday the first kitten arrived with the rest following at regular intervals. All was over by 0215 and she settled down with her new family which are all of nice even size.