Mei-Xing kittens 2017


Chintziam Sialaxys Galileo - (SIA c)


21st July 2017

The Males

Seren - Blue Point (Adopted)

The Females

Xia - Chocolate Point (Adopted)
Twyla - Seal Point (Adopted)


Mei had a pretty tough time with this delivery, probably due to there being a kitten wedged quite firmly across the birth canal. She did however manage to deliver several kittens during the afternoon of the 20th, then her contractions stopped and she was unable to continue giving birth. She went into the vets first thing Friday morning and a scan revealed heartbeats and the obstruction so a caesarian was performed and two more live kittens joined their brothers. Mei is a little on the plump side (she loves her food), which can sometimes make deliveries more difficult but in her case it was one of the kittens obstructing so hopefully future litters will be possible. Mum and babies all doing really well and all the kittens had their eyes open by the third day.