Maia's Kittens 2012




04 May 2012

Six kittens Browns and Blue's, three of each sex.. Maia in her usual laid-back way delivered her kittens over a period of 7 hours without any fuss. She rather caught me off-guard by showing no signs of labour in the morning so I went out quickly to the shops. On my return she was just producing the first kitten, in of course the most unsuitable of places. I quickly moved her to the kittening box where she proceeded to have a few hours rest before getting on with delivering the others. All kittens are of good weight and size. These are second generation tonks and will be a mixture of pointed and mink coat pattern and will be ready for loving new homes from the beginning of August 2012. Kittens growing up fast and are now exploring the world outside of their bed.

The Males

Caliban - Lilac - Adopted
Ariel - Lilac - Adopted
Prospero - Blue Pointed - Adopted

The Females

Perdita - Brown - Adopted
Miranda - Brown - Adopted
Ophelia - Lilac - Adopted