Carina and Chertan's Kittens 2014


Tonkyway Chertan (TOS n 21 33)


4 December 2014

The Males

Arae (74at)
Alshain 74v - (74 40 1) ADOPTED
Ainilam 74av - (74 40 2) ADOPTED
Algol 74av - (74 40 2) ADOPTED

The Females

Shemara 74av - (74 40 2) ADOPTED
Tseen She (74at) RETAINED
Sitara (74t) RETAINED
Seiya (74t) ADOPTED
Suhaila 74v - (74 40 1) ADOPTED

Carina has done it again and produced nine kittens, all are very lively and healthy although she was completely exhausted and will need lots of TLC to help her raise these little darlings. No problems with the birth but given that this is her second large litter it will most probably be her last and she will resume her Show career.

One week on and all the kittens are growing well with their eyes open, they seem to have got into a feeding routine to share out the space at the milkbar. Have not as yet sexed them but there is a good mix. Colours and patterns are likely to be a mix of TBR and CPP in Blues and Browns plus tabby.

All nine kittens growing like beans. There is one tiny boy who is incredibly sweet and affectionate, he is perfect in every way just half the size of the others, but he has learnt how to avoid them when they get too rough. At least two of this litter are being kept for breeding. Carina has done a marvellous job as usual in raising this second large family, they do her proud.

Tseen-She & Sitara are being retained and will be taking over from their mum in my breeding programme. Shemara has also gone into a breeding programme at the Hylily cattery. All three will also be shown.

16/07/15 The real character & smallest of the litter - Arae has just gone on to his new home, my Lounge is so quiet without him as he is such a cheeky boy so full of fun and despite his age he behaves just like an 8 week old. He has gone to his new home with Kira who is quite a bit younger but not much smaller. I miss his cuddles and nose nibbles but I think his sisters are pleased to have the rest from his playful tricks.