Aurore's kittens 2017


Phabbay Galactic Comet (TOS b 33)


18 September 2017

The Males

Keiba - Chocolate TCR (Adopted)
Aahan - chocolate TCR
Saba - chocolate CPP (Adopted)

The Females

Dawnita - Lilac TCR (Retained)
Luna - Lilac TCR (Adopted)
Asia - chocolate TCR


These are Aurore's first kittens and she did not have an easy time. The first four were born fairly easily but she just did not have a clue what she was supposed to do with them and so ignored them for a while but once they snuggled in and started to suckle she relaxed a bit. The sixth kitten unfortunately got stuck in the birth canal and was not viable and Aurore had to go in for a caesarian whereupon two further kittens were saved. Aurore is now Miss Ultra Protective and is looking after all seven really well.