3 August 2009


Shekoa Prima (24b)


Champion Karesama Callum (27b)

Gem, registered name Gemini, is the first Tonkinese and foundation stock for my new blood line. She is a really sweet cat, very affectionate. Her coat markings are good and she has strong expressive eyes. Gem is a chocolate Tonkinese. As she is only first generation she cannot be shown, but this year I did exhibit her and her half sister at the Tonkinese Cat Club show at Bracknell.

Gem successfully gave birth to 4 lovely kittens in Dec 10, one of which I have retained ( "Aurora" ) as a future Queen. Gem was a really good mum devoted to her babies. I am not yet decided on who her second partner will be.

Gems second partner was Amorcatz Rafa Nadal (Raffi) and she produced a lovely litter of tabby and chocolate kittens. When the kittens were three months old Gem was spayed and rehomed with her brown pointed son Triton by Kim and Andy who live fairly close so I will always be able to visit them. Kim & Andy fell in love with her at first sight and have kitted their home out to give this pair a very loving home full of toys and items to make them more than welcome and comfortable, so they are sure to be spoilt.

Sadly after being with Kim & Andy for only a short time Gem had a heart attack and died. We are all devastated. She has been laid to rest under her favourite lookout window and will be greatly missed by all.