I have dedicated this page to all those cat lovers who I have come into contact with, and who I hope I have helped to adopt a kitten, either one of mine or from a referral. Through those kittens I make some lovely new friends. Some of you have been kind enough to contribute a few lines and some photos of those kittens as they have grown into cats. Most of you are really good at keeping me updated with their progress, even if it is just a note at Xmas, and for this I would like to thank you. If you have not yet contributed to this page and would like to share your experience in adopting one of my kittens, or, would like to update the picture gallery, please email me. Many thanks, Julie

Nov 2015 Posted by Geoffrey, Coulsdon Surrey

CH.Tonkyway Janus (now Andrew), dob 2 May 2014

Tonkyway Janus, whom I christened Andrew, is quite frankly one of the most lively, intelligent and affectionate cats I have ever known. He's never happier than when sitting on my knee, or playing with something, or running hell for leather around the house. From the moment he called out to me when I first visited Julie's cattery, I knew he liked me, and wanted to be my cat. And so it has proved. He is a wonderful companion, full of liveliness and enthusiasm, yet happy to sit and sleep at other times. Most of all he is a very demonstrative, friendly, affectionate cat who likes company. I am so lucky to have found him.

2016 Jan - Janus 20 months 2016 Jan - Janus 20 months 2016 Jan - Janus 20 months

Nov 2015 Posted by Tom & Jenny - Melksham

Tonkyway Zenith (now Oscar) dob: 9 Nov 2014

Just wanted to touch base and send across a few snaps we've taken of little Zenith (who isn't very little anymore!). We've also called him Oscar and he is a very big part of our family! Life would not be the same without him. :) he loves cuddles and we take him for walks: he is also incredibly cheeky, plays fetch and enjoys jumping on our shoulders.

Anyway, I hope you like the pictures; we can't believe he's almost 12 months old.

Zenith (now Oscar) Zenith (now Oscar) Zenith (now Oscar)

Oct 2015 Posted by Julie & Baz

SIALAXY SUISEI (Rehomed as an Adult) dob 19 June 2014

Well what can we say......SuiSei is a delightful little girl ,we are so lucky that she approved of us !!! She initially went into hiding ,which we expected but with some very gentle coaxing gradually came out of her hiding places. We are at the stage where she sleeps in her bed under the TV and every so often goes " on maneuvers " to explore. After about 10 pm she goes quite mental and charges around jumping on sofas, table, fire surround ....she is hilarious !

I have discovered that she likes ripping up tissues at night ( also the odd toilet roll ) depending on what she can find.She is eating well and as we expected , really enjoys the poached chicken drumsticks which we are in the process of trying to perfect our recipe .....first lot not enough jelly ,but it still went down the hatch with no complaints ! We bought a water fountain which is on a kitchen worktop ,so I'm not sure if she feels confident to jump up to it so we also give her water in her bowl just until she gets used to things.

We are both amazed at how quickly she is coming out of her shell..... She loves tickles in her bed but we haven't tried handling her just yet as its still early days. It's fair to say that we are so happy with her and she is helping me come to terms with the untimely loss of charlie...... Put it this way ,I don't think we will have to bring her back ! I hope this has put your mind at rest as we have got a very special kitty and ,hopefully she's got a special home .

Due to my very limited computer skills, I can't attach a piccie at this stage, but I will get some technical assistance with this when Dan comes home from London for Xmas ! Take care Julie and Baz xx

Suisei 15 months

Oct 2015 Posted by Anthony & Jane - Wilts

TONKYWAY LUCIEN (Now Axle) dob 9 July 2015

Sorry it's taken a little while to write. Here are some photos of Axle (we decided to stick with the car parts theme after Hubcap, Aerial and Sprocket). He has settled in really well. He was completely unfazed by Sprocket when he first arrived, but her hostility made him a little nervous when confronted with her. It didn't take long for her to realise that he would be an excellent playmate (and that she'd hit jackpot with all the extra food). We gradually let him increase his range and get used to Sprocket and his surroundings (he was fine with the kids from the off - although he's still slightly wary of William (our youngest), who can still be a bit intimidating when he charges around the house). She now coos like a pigeon and calls him when he's not around. They're always chasing each other, playing together, scrapping, or cuddling up together.

We are really pleased with him - he has a lovely temperament, with a great mixture of mischievousness, soppiness, and character. He has a hilarious trait of producing a high pitched squeak if you pick him up whilst he's miaowing. His only bad habit is the chewing of cables - he's already destroyed three pairs of earphones and two mobile phone chargers. Hopefully that will be it now as I think we've managed to stow most of the cables away.

I hope his brothers are doing as well in their new homes.

Thanks for breeding such an excellent kitten.

Oct 2015 Posted by Linda & Paul

TONYWAY KOKAB (now Gizmo) dob 6 March 2015

Just wanted to give you an update on the big chunky monkey Gizmo.

Well he's huge, only 6 months old and he is already as big as Marley was, the vet complemented on both of them the other day when i took them for jabs, saying they were very healthy and he comented on Gizmo's beautiful features, hes got spots on the side and 3 stripes going from the middle of his back down to his tail, so he is a very beautiful boy, so big and chunky, so kissable!!! He is very vocal, daily but I talk back to him and he answers, I'm sure we comunicate!!!!

Here are some recent photos of him so you can see you big he's getting. We love them both so much, they are adorable and have made our life complete

Oct 2015 Posted by Sarah

SIALAXY ALMIRFAK (Darwin) & HOKULANI ( Tesla) dob 26 September 2015

Happy First Birthday!

Jul 2015 Posted by Sally & Les - Essex

Sialaxy Xian Astrina & Sialaxy Loki Seren DOB: 23 May 2015

Loki and Xian are doing very well, they have taken over the house and are as mad as a box of cats! They sleep (Loki lies on his back with legs akimbo), they run, they jump , they get into every nook and cranny including wardrobes, cupboards and their favourite is under the settee's - this is now ok as we thought we had lost them the first time they used this hiding place.
Both now sleep on the bed with us, in fact this started the first night and they get really annoyed if you move and disturb them - we both have had bitten feet. They eat every meal as if it will be their last and they think that every time we go into the kitchen it is feeding time, so greedy but we are pleased they are eating well and growing so quickly.
We have started the harness training and attacking the lead is the flavour of the day but they have accepted wearing them and we will be taking them outside later this week to see how they react. If the weather holds they will be going on their first holiday to the Lake District and I am sure they will meet many new creatures and things to keep them amused.
Playing is their favourite past time and we all have to join in, they have been brilliant with my two year old great niece and they follow her everywhere - possibly because she now prefers their toys to her own.

Julie they are a joy and a privilege to have, I do not use the word own as I believe they are the owners Les and I are just there to pander to their needs.

Jul 2015 Posted by Beth - Monmouthshire

Tonkyway Azha & Alya DOB: 3 June 2013

Just thought you'd like to see how your kittens are doing.... that's Azha on the top, China in the middle and Alya. They are all great friends.....Azha is China's shadow and they wake me up for breccy every morning at 6 (who needs an alarm clock!) Alya is still very cuddly but Azha is a real character! They are all free range but Alya doesn't like going outside of the pen.....although they all love sunbathing in their cat run!

Jul 2015 Posted by Barry & Bridget - Stafford

Tonkyway Polarice (now Charlie) & Tonkyway Boreas (now Ralph) DOB: 9 Nov 2014

An update on our beautiful boys, now Ralph and Charlie. They have really settled into life in Stafford, they run around the house like thunderbolts and have discovered the art of chasing flies. Charlie has a regal look about him, but don't be fooled he is also known as the ham snatcher. Ralph loves to show off in front of guests, never a dull moment. He also likes to comb my hair ! They both love to play fetch with their favourite mice, quite often ending up in the kitchen sink or the stuffing out of them.

Last week they both visited the Vets , and what a weight when both in the carrier. Turns out they are both about 4.2kg each ! They have both been snipped. We were rather expecting them to be quiet on return, but no chance it was life as normal and straight to their feeding bowls, to the tune of the humming bird chorus both in sync.

I must say Julie you have bred cats with a cast iron constitution. They love a varied diet, of wet food, kibble, chicken wings, eggs, fish etc However they can also have the disposition of alley cats whenever there is other food around. I'm sure there is no food they haven't attempted to eat. Ralph in particular likes frozen peas and cornflakes whilst Charlie has a penchant for ham and butter.

They have both ventured into our garden on leads, just getting used to the great outdoors but no fatalities yet. I am pleased to say they use the scratch poles and litter trays, yet breakages are of common occurrence .

On the whole they are our beautiful, inquisitive boys that give hours of affection .Well done Julie.

MAY 2015 Posted by James & Amy - Birmingham


We took Jasper and Lily home in August 2014 and they've grown into two beautiful, intelligent and playful cats. Lily enjoys giving us a running commentary on everything that she does and is a true explorer. Jasper is definitely the lap cat and will curl up on anyone when he has the chance. He also loves to play fetch (for hours!) with a scrunched up bit of paper and we've had to rescue him from the top of the wardrobe more than once. They've also developed a bit of a fan fan club amongst our friends and family and are always happy to show off in front of guests.

They've both become a big part of the family and settled in very well. Both Jasper and Lily were completely house-trained when we picked them up and they're both very friendly cats. If anyone is considering adopting a Siamese cat, we can't recommend Julie and Sialaxy enough!

MARCH 2015 Posted by Frank & Rosemary, Cheltenham

SIALAXY SAGITTA dob 1 May 2014

Thought I would send an up-date on Saggita as she has now passed the ten month stage. Well where to start, she is the most gorgeous, funny, intelligent, & beautiful cat, & she knows it. She is also the fastest Cat in the West, you should see her run through our house upstairs & downstairs faster than a bullet. She also speaks English, or as close as a cat can get to speaking, & she never stops talking. She watches all the animal programmes on T.V. I mean sits in front of screen & watches every movement, particularly of birds, she even looks behind the T.V. when they fly off screen. I have never seen a cat do that before. A little while back I noticed paint brushes appearing underneath our rug in the living room & eventually espied Saggita removing them from a plastic packet in my workshop & dragging it through two cat flaps then hiding it under the rug, absolutely amazing !!, she is a thief of the best character.

Still very skittish & jumpy & will hide when door bell goes, but is improving constantly. She's very dubious about going outside on the patio, but I do take her out there. She gives us so much pleasure & is my constant companion; thank you so much.

MARCH 2015 Posted by Jo & Glenn, Guernsey

TONKYWAY BOOTES (now Archie) & TONKYWAY ARIETIS (now Indie) dob 24 Feb 2014

One year on ...
They have definitely settled in now and are the most beautiful cats inside and out. Archie has become a right softy, he loves his cuddles and plays ball with us. Everytime we throw the ball, he chases it and comes straight back with it. Indie is so loving and quite needy and loud lol. She constantly screams at us to play with her, she has so much energy and can jump on top of the doors and wardrobes. She loves playing with the string on a wand and brings it to us every time she wants to play. Which is 24 7.

They both are very much lap cats and love snuggling under the duvet with us when we go to sleep. Indie is so clever and has figuered out to open every door in our house! She quite often lets her self in the kitchen at night, opens the cupboards and helps her self to food!

Both Glenn and I love them so much and think of them as our babies.

MARCH 2015 Posted by Susan & Gordon, Cornwall

SIALAXY SABIK (now Benny) & SIALAXY SOI (now Tayo) dob 1 & 5 May 2014

Well, they arrived, settled in, took over and have stolen our hearts whilst beating us into submission!
Where to start……………
They get on very well together, invariably choose to spend most of their time together, but, both are very individual chaps and are developing their own preferences. They love the office swivel chair and it is often a race as to who gets to it first, one of us or them! We have lots of fun with that. They love to run through the house and are often heard thundering up the stairs dragging some treasure with them.

Tayo - referred to affectionately as ‘bin boy' is sleek in stature and classically handsome. He is loving and affectionate, but on his own terms and does not seek out constant attention, but will grab his opportunity to claim a spare lap. He tends to be more reserved than his brother with new people, but once he has accepted you, you're in. He constantly has his head in a wastepaper bin and we have now accepted that the paper bins in our house are consistently turned over with Tayo to be found searching out the latest choice piece of screwed up paper! He loves to sit bird watching and chattering his teeth . He is bright and inquisitive and a real joy. He has a very loud voice and likes to chat, although has a turn of phrase that makes him sound like he is telling us off! He is a little tricky around food, (more of that later) but is healthy and a lovely boy.

Benny - referred to affectionately as ‘beefy boy,' is one crazy teenager whose specialty is climbing curtains, giving us mini heart attacks balancing in precarious positions - landing banister for example!. Benny would be on your shoulder, on your lap, in your pocket all day if you let him. He is very affectionate at all times and prefers human contact to any other activity. On saying that, he attacks everything with gusto, recklessness and enthusiasm. He loves to play fetch and will keep this going as long as he can get away with it. He still plays with the toy he brought with him. Benny is basically a little piggy around food. He will wolf down a dishful without drawing breath. He is a stocky little thing, nothing sleek about him, with a round face and his kinked tail! But such a character and has no fear - of anything, strangers, hoover, unusual noises, he just wants to be in there checking out everything and everybody. He is quite picky with his food ( more about at later). He is healthy and a real joy.

Anyway, I think this is quite enough of our ramblings, as you can tell, we adore them and have discovered what fun it is to have 2! We must thank you for having bred such healthy and socially well-adjusted kittens, the time and attention you obviously gave them in those early weeks has paid dividends in preparing them for their new life.