I have dedicated this page to all those cat lovers who I have come into contact with, and who I hope I have helped to adopt a kitten, either one of mine or from a referral. Through those kittens I make some lovely new friends. Some of you have been kind enough to contribute a few lines and some photos of those kittens as they have grown into cats. Most of you are really good at keeping me updated with their progress, even if it is just a note at Xmas, and for this I would like to thank you. If you have not yet contributed to this page and would like to share your experience in adopting one of my kittens, or, would like to update the picture gallery, please email me. Many thanks, Julie

Sunday, July 17, 2011 Posted by Sue, Rich & Family - Bournemouth

Maia's Kittens (2011 litter)

I fully intended buying just one little kitten from Julie.... I ended up coming home with three !! We have re-named them Willow (Pussy willow - Female) - Tink (Tinkerbell - Female - Blue eyes) and Terra.(Male). Willow lives with my brother Dave but visits weekly for a play with her brother and sister. We are all smitten with them and have already spent a fortune on them !! Thank you Julie for all of those information sheets which have been invaluable and also answering my endless questions !! Since arriving home the kittens settled in immediately and are so affectionate - they love a good cuddle!

No problems with them scratching furniture (although I must admit I have spent a fortune on toys and scratching posts and things to keep them amused) They are getting more vocal now and Tink has a lovely singing voice ! We wouldn't be without them ..... thank you so much. I will continue to send photos of them. Regards Sue, Rich, Ella and Mia

March 2011 Posted by Janette - Bristol

Venus Kitten "Kuma"

Just to keep your up to date with the delinquent child. He has settled in extremely well, everything including out legs and heads are scratching posts to him and when he can't quite see what is going on he climbs the nearest person to get to the height he needs. He has made friends with Minstrel our brown Burmese and they play fight until Minstrel is worn out, he hasn't quite worked out that Rolo finds him a pest and doesn't want to play. She tolerates him but only because she can eat the kitten food he leaves!

Minstrel goes outside and Kuma is desperate to join him, he watches the birds and we have just started getting flies in the house so these are great fun for him. He has grown massively and now hangs off the door handles trying to open them, we will soon have problems keeping him in a room during the day where we can guarantee that my father in law won't let him out when he goes out. Father in law is slow moving and would not be quick enough to stop Kuma.

He is wonderful and we have had a number of conversations about whether we should have had one of his brothers or sisters too as Minstrel and Rolo get very worn out by him. He now sleeps until 6am and is curled up with either Peter or I depending on where minstrel is. He is a great addition to our family and despite the wrecked furniture and millions of small scratches we have, we love him to bits.

January 2011 Posted by Andrew & Jacqueline, Dorset

ISARO - renamed Oscar

Oscar (Isaro) has settled in incredibly well and did so very quickly. He settled in almost immediately and is very loved by everyone, and we are delighted that he has formed such a close bond with our daughter. They seem to play together happily for hours on end and have become inseparable. We would like to thank you for providing us with a very special addition to our family

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Amber - renamed "Coco"

From the moment we met Coco as a tiny two-month-old kitten, she was super bold and extremely friendly. She adores the children, including our rampaging three-year-old and has already conquered the affections of our two very large dogs, Luca and Mitzy. Initially, our Norwegian Forrest Cat, Geri, found her very annoying as she insisted on burrowing into his duvet-like tummy and kneading. However, he now appears to take great pride in his paternal duties and they are often entwined in a loving embrace. She has been very helpful in bringing our very timid Siamese, Harry, out of his shell and he is now learning to give as good as he gets on the play-fighting front. The relationships between the cats, the cats and the dogs and the cats and the family are all extremely harmonious and we couldn't have wished for a better outcome.