7 September 2007


Admewsh Azuresky


Shekoa Fraser

"Dip" short for "Dipper", named after the star located in the norythwestern sky at sunset. A star in the "Gret Bear constellation". Dip is a real charmer and also the perfect gent. He is a large 5-6kg Blue neutered male with eyes that are the most glorious Aqua colour. He looks and behaves ilk a greyhound as he streaks around the house and fields - beware the wildlife! nothing is too fast for him and he loves to be out at nighttime for a late night snack or an early breakfast. Dip is very adept t feeding himself - rabbit being a favourite on the menu. He is not keen on sharing his bounty like his predecessors - Comet and Coco, preferring instead to eat in peace away from the girls.

Dip is not a demanding cat, in fact he is very "laid back", flopping on the floor at your feet exposing his belly for a tummy rub, or hitching a shoulder ride, usually when you least expect it. He is certainly a cat that you cannot ignore, when he wants your attention he will make sure he gets it by annoying the other cats, knocking items off the tables and blocking your view of the TV. He is a very sociable cat, affable with the females of the household and their offspring, although as he matures he is becoming less tolerant of kittens.

Dip loves his time outside with me as it is the one place he generally gets my undivided attention. He happily rides on my shoulders, especially when it is wet or icy - great scarf if a little heavy; or he trots along behind me like a dog. He sits on the horses rump or sprawls across his withers whilst I clean out the stables, its the safest place for him as am always frightened he will get his paws stepped on. Dip is extremely affectionate and when he wants his "lovey time", as I call it, you cannot ignore him. He climbs up your leg, jumps on your back & shoulders, purring and rubbing his face over you, this is when he likes to be cradles like a baby and have his tummy rubbed. He often does this when I am out in the garden trying to do some work. Dip is definitely King of the household, he is a kitten/cat from my first litter of tonkinese and I hope that he will be with me for a very long time.