10 Nov 2010


Tonkyway Venus (74a)


Amorcatz Bourneville (74qv)

Carina is a Fourth generation Tonkinese. She is a very lively inquisitive kitten who races around the house like something posessed. She has recently (5 months old) been allowed to venture into the big wide world beyond the back door. This proved to be only a minor challenge and she was quickly racing around the lawn after flys.

She still sleeps with me at night, Carina is everything you expect from a tonk - confident, hyperactive, affectionate and inquisitive, nothing fazes her.
I hope she is going to do well on the show bench as she is my first and so far only home bred feline eligible for showing. I will keep you posted on her progress.

Well, Carina certainly made her mark at her first show (the Tonkinese Cat Club 3rd championship show on 28th May 2011. Red Ribbons, best female kitten and best kitten. She is now enjoying the spoils of her success, and her picture should be in the next edition of Cat Planet Monthly.

Carina continues her success in the show ring. Now in Adult classes she has gained her first CC.

Oct 2011 Carina has achieved her third CC so she is now a Champion. I am so proud of her!

At the recent WesTICAt show held in Taunton on weekend of 4th Feb Carina accrued 460 points and Championship status. This was her first TICA show and I hope in the future to show her more but for now am am concentrating on sending her to stud. Am hopeful that she will have some kittens in the Spring.

Now Carina has recovered from giving birth she is back on the show circuit. She achieved her first cc in the Grand Classes as Reserve Champion at the recent West of England Show at Thornbury. She is now a mature cat and her colour has deepened so that her lovely aqua eyes stand out in contrast. She has several more shows to attend this year.

Carina has finally been awarded her third cc in the Grand classes at the West of England & South Wales Cat Society Show held on 23 August 2014. Am really delighted. Carina has had a successful year and will now be temporarily retired from the Show ring whilst she concentrates of producing more lookalikes.

In April 2015 Carina was spayed. Although still a young cat and had only three litters of beautiful kittens, 24 kittens in all with no losses she has more than contributed to the Tonkyway dynasty. Her last two litters were of 9 kittens each and I did not want to run the risk of her having another large litter. She is after all also my show girl and will resume her career on the show bench later this year. She will enjoy her retirement here amongst her family.

March 2017 Carina has moved on to her forever home in Bideford, North Devon with Roy & Jean. With them she can enjoy two devoted slaves at her beck and call every day and someone to cuddle up in bed with at night. She has settled in beautifully and is already the centre of their world.