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"Dogs have owners, Cats have Servants"

This saying is very true, once you adopt one of the foreign breeds such as Tonkinese, Burmese or Old Style Siamese you are in for a lifetime of servitude of the nicest kind. These breeds complement each other and indeed without the Burmese & Old Style Siamese there would be no Tonkinese.

I first started breeding Tonks in 2017 with an F3 female from Hillary Goodburn. My main aim in breeding is to produce new genetic lines of Tonkinese to help widen the gene pool in this country. To do this I have concentrated more on breeding F1 Tonkinese from my Old Style Siamese. In this way I am able to breed healthy cats that conform to the Tonkinese breed standard. F1 Tonks cannot be shown but F2 and upwards can. The highest generation I have managed to achieve is F5.

If you are lucky enough to adopt a Tonk then you should find them to be affectionate; often loving to be up on your shoulders, very playful, inquisitive and loyal. They are generally good with both children and dogs as they are very active cats.

Please explore the menu at the top of the page to find more information about the Breed and also my cats & kittens, both current and retired. There are lots of photos of the cats and their litters. I only breed the four main colours in self and lynx coat patterns.

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Show News:

24th September 2022 SWCCC Show - Taunton
First Show I have attended in three years and it was lovely to catch up with people. I decided to take my young Burmese stud boy "Benny" and a very young kitten"Lady Apolline" from Apollina's last litter. Both were rather nervous to begin with but by the end of the afternoon had settled in and were relaxed. Benny got his first 1st rosette in his Breed Class and Lady Apolline received Best of Breed and her first 1st Rosette. The Show was well attended and ran smoothly, with some interesting stalls & merchandise.

IMG_2401.JPG Prima & Dip 'All loved up' IMG_2405_2.JPG Xing & Maia 'Best Friends' 2002 Comet and Sky (cropped).JPG 2004 Comet (3).JPG 2007 IO at 7 weeks.JPG 2007 June Cocoa 4.JPG 2008 FEB SKY - I'll be glad when its all over .JPG 2008 Subra & Venus 2.jpg 2008 Dipper, Leo & Venus.JPG 2008 July Dipper 1.JPG 2008 June Prima relaxing.JPG 2008 Nov Dip & Luna 4.jpg 2009 Feb Dip enjoys the snow 1.JPG 2010 The Love Birds!.JPG Babysitting.JPG2010 Gem & Luna babysitting Believe me I'm an angel.JPG Can't a girl get any shut eye round here!.JPG2010 MAIA Can't a girl get any shut eye round here D6EKOA~4.JPG2009 DIP, VENUS & LUNA  Sleep time Dip - I'm still awake.JPG Fun and Frolicks.JPG Look out post.JPG2010 VENUS Look out post Our outdoor Moon station.JPG Room for one more.JPG2010 VENUS KITTENS Room for one more TARAZED.JPG2010 TARAZED Walk tall.JPG2010 DIP Walk tall We're always willing to share our space.JPG2009 LUNA & DIP We're always willing to share our space Who's who!.JPG2009 GEM & MIRA Who's who! IMG_2911.JPG New stud housing and cat run under construction - May 2011 IMG_5037.JPG Mirzam and Ying Ying MOM_4200.jpg CH. Wicca Mizuki (24b) SWC1_47_2.jpg CH.Tonkyway Bournville Carina (74) IMG_5371.JPG Ying Ying, Centauri & Helene Sept 2012 IMG_5926.JPG A family affair - Dip, Sky & Venus IMG_6116.jpg Mr. Bubs & Miz - March 2013 IMG_6258.jpg Siamese group relaxing April 2013 IMG_1688.JPG Best pals Capri & Chertan 1 year IMG_1817.JPG Sky enjoys some sunshine - 11 years old Tonk & Siamese - Columbae & Sadalmelik - Version 2.jpg Tonk & Siamese - Columbae & Sadalmelik IMG_3882.JPG Sky enjoying the sun with her son Dip days before she died IMG_4869.jpg Zohreh & Mei-Xing 42 & 32 wks IMG_4935.jpg Mist and Isa 26mths & 11 mths old IMG_4944.jpg Miz, Isa & Mist IMG_5903.jpg TseenShe & Sitara 21 months 2016 Oct - Tonkyway IO - Supreme Show1-3.jpg 2016 Oct - Tonkyway IO - Supreme Show 2016 Dec Tonkyway Asterodea at 20 wks old.jpg 2016 Dec Tonkyway Asterodea at 20 wks old ... Photo by Mike Smith 2016 Dec Tonkyway Columbae 2 yrs 8 mths.jpg 2016 Dec Tonkyway Columbae 2 yrs 8 mths ... Photo by Mike Smith 2016 Dec Tonkyway TseenShe 2yrs.jpg 2016 Dec Tonkyway TseenShe 2yrs ... Photo by Mike Smith 2016 Dec Tonkyway Zohreh 1yr 9 mths.jpg 2016 Dec Tonkyway Zohreh 1yr 9 mths ... Photo by Mike Smith 2016 Dec Tonkyway Zohreh 1yr 9mths old.jpg 2016 Dec Tonkyway Zohreh 1yr 9mths ... Photo by Mike Smith IMG_1613.jpg Lucy, Xiao & Neona 4-6 months old IMG_2149.jpg Kya & Zohreh IMG_7946.JPG ​Mist, Mei, Miz & Isa Feb 2018 GrPr.Tonkyway Saba Dec 2018 by Mike Smith.jpg Gr.Pr.Tonkyway Saba Tonkyway Autumn Dawnita Dec 2018 by Mike Smith.jpg Tonkway Autumn Dawnita 15 months by Mike Smith Ch.Tonkyway Tseen-She Dec 2018 by Mike Smith.jpg Ch.Tonkyway Tseen-She 4 years by Mike Smith Chertan_5yrs_9_months.jpg Chertan_8yrs.jpg Chertan_8yrs_7_months.JPG Chertan_and_Aurore_Nov_2020.JPG Chertan_at_8_years_2_months.jpg Chertan_July_2021.jpg