30 May 2010


Marajade Rozetta (24)


Cradlebridge Oscar (24)

Xing, joined us in September 2010 from Wicca cats. Xing has the most fantastic personality. I never imagined I would ever be owned by such a delightful Siamese. She has it all, intelligence, fastidiousness, very demanding, loyal, understanding, gentle, coy, capricious and highly amusing. She has a vast capacity for love. Her favourite game is playing ball, where she will retrieve the toy, drop it at your feet, then sit back patiently until it is thrown again. Games can last anything up to one hour at a time. If you are fortunate enough to adopt a siamese like Xing, you will need a sense of humour and enjoy having an active and mischievous cat, but, most importantly you will need a great deal of love.