16 October 2002


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Quelazure Zachyl

Sky was my foundation queen. I collected her and her brother (Comet) from Hilary Goodburn on New Years Day 2003. She is a really lovely family cat, and a super ambassador for the Tonkinese breed. She is playful, affectionate, soft and cuddly with a good solid frame. Very confident and strong willed. She sleeps with me at night stretched out alongside with her head on my shoulder. When I get up she moves on to anyone else who is still lazing in bed. Although third generation she has never been shown as she has the solid coat pattern. When her brother disappeared in 2005 she was distraught, and spent almost six month grieving.

Because she was so lonely I bought another Tonk "Coco" from Jean Adams and sky adopted him straight away. In 2007 I finally got around to breeding from her, this was difficult as she had been on the pill for a number of years and was not a really young cat anymore. Anyway after four visits to Shirley Verriers (Shekoa) stud boy Frazer, she finally fell pregnant and produced three lovely kittens (Star, IO and Dipper), all were blue. This was the year that the Tonkinese cat club changed their registration rules re back-crossing to founder breeds. Therefore I was not able to register the kittens as Tonkinese. In 2008 Sky went back to Hilary and her lovely lilac stud boy "Toshiki Etheodor" of Hylily, one trip was sufficient and after a very long and difficult labour Sky produced 10 kittens but only three survived. These were all blue point (Leo, Subra and Venus), I retained Venus for future breeding stock and retired Sky. Sky now enjoys her retirement, chasing butterfly's and lazing in the sunshine. She has now gone deaf so I keep a collar on her so that I can find her when she is playing hid n seek. She does manage to lose them regularly though. Now she is a neuter she prefers to keep well away from the maternity ward and broody females. She tolerates her son Dip and daughter Venus. Sky is very much a people cat and has passed this trait on to her progeny.