TONKYWAY SITARA (74at) Brown Tabby


Sitara is a real rebel of a kitten, always on the go. She has great fun chasing around the lounge with her sister Tseen and future mate - Titan. Like her sister she too will be shown and it will be interesting to see which of the two the judges prefer. Although both tabby they are different colours and patterns, otherwise the girls are very similar.

At the end of May Sitara attended the joint TBC & TCC shows along with her father, sister and nephew. All had a really good day with Sitara achieving Best of Breed for the TCC. As she was attending the Shows with her sister I entered one in each show so that they would not be competing against each other. Comments from the judges were all very positive and I'm sure she will continue to do well on the Show bench. Sitara is more like her mother - Carina, very confident.