11 August 2015


Tonkyway Columbae


Ch. Hylily Priceless Picasso


Shenandoah (Native American for Daughter of the stars). Shen is a lovely, lively Tonk who gets on extremely well with her mum and who will remain with her during her time with me. I plan to show her. 4th June . . . . . red card day. Shen unfortunately was not overly happy about showing so have decided not to continue showing just concentrate on breeding her as she is a very hormonal cat.

2017 July - Shen has now been spayed and retired due to developing a pyometra. She has been offered a very loving home locally by Pat. Pat has a lovely home in the countryside and Shen will enjoy the freedom of hunting as well as being a pampered and much loved lap cat.

4 June 2016 - Cambria & Bristol Shows at Thornbury. This was Shen's first time out as an adult but she behaved very well considering she was quite nervous. A red card day

August 2017 Shen is now spayed and retired from breeding, after her very successful and normal delivery of her second litter she developed pyometra and went in to be spayed. She is now settling into her new home with Pat who lives very locally and has a wonderful large garden which Shen is getting used to going round on a harness. I will be able to visit her often.