CH. WICCA MIZUKI Siamese/Thai Chocolate Point - dob:2 July 2011

Mizuki is a wonderful healthy queen, very confident and friendly she has proven herself to be a perfect breeding queen. Mizuki's last litter have now all departed for their new homes apart from her daughter Luciana who is remaining as a future breeding queen. Miz is now spayed and ready for a new family, she is not very accepting of other female cats apart from those that she is related to and is currently living with. She is a large, confident and very healthy girl who will be six years old in July. Mizuki has had a very successful career on the TICA show bench as a THAI, I have not shown her for several years now due to time restrictions. I will miss her very much as she is such a lovely girl both in temperament and looks but she deserves to have a pet life where she can be the centre of attention, which of course is what every Siamese wants.

If you think you may be able to offer this super girl a lovely forever home please contact me for more details.

Recently Rehomed

Below are cats that have recently been rehomed

GR.CH.SANDYPOINTS SIR ALEXI Chocolate Point Siamese dob 21 August 2009

Alexi is a really lovely Old Style Siamese boy who we imported from Philadelphia (Sandy Engle) to help expand the gene pool here in the UK. He has more than done this and there are now lots of little Alexi kittens all over the country. Naturally a few have gone into Breeding Programmes and I have his daughter "Chai" here. Now just turned seven we feel that Alexi deserves to have his own personal slaves and live in a nice pet home where he can enjoy his retirement. I think he will miss the girls but am sure that he will enjoy his retirement. Alexi will need a home preferably where there are no other cats, definitely not male cats. Ideally his new home will allow him access to enclosed/safe outside space.

March 2017 - Alexi has now been offered a forever home with Joan up in Kirknewton, Midlothian. He is a lucky boy as he will have Joan all to himself as well as a secure garden in which to relax during the summertime. Although a long way from Somerset I am sure Joan will keep us updated on how he settles.


Capricorni dob 8 April 2013

Capri is a lovely big, laid-back boy who has until recently enjoyed being a stud. Due to lack of mates he has now been neutered and is looking for that perfect pet home where he can be "king of the Castle". Having been a stud he needs a home that does not have any other male cats. He is a very healthy boy and comes from my founder line.

5 October 2016 - Today Capri has headed off to new pastures in Buckinghamshire with Tim and Elaine. I am sure he will have a very pampered life with these two as his personal slaves. Pictures and comments will be added to the Feedback page in the future.

23rd October 2016: Capri sends the following message:
"Hi Aunty Julie,
Hope this finds you well, as it leaves me. I had my doubts about this pair, they made out we were going to have a cuddle, then they stuffed me into a box for the next 3 HOURS! So I let them know my feelings all the way back to darkest Bucks. I thought my last hour had come.
But first impressions can be misleading; believe me, this is an A* crib and I have really fallen on my paws! These two are first-prize Tonkaholics, and if I play my cards right, the house will be in my name quite soon......
I get fresh chicken-wings daily and some new crunchy stuff to keep my teeth clean. I have a Lap to sleep on; it snores a bit but so do I, and when I want it to wake up and give me some attention, I switch its reading-lamp on with my paws. Easier than biting its head, I think. I haven't got as far as the bedroom; I know the Other One must be sleeping somewhere, but I'm working on it......
There's some quite good stuff on TV, and I can switch it on and off when I Iike. I sit close up to follow all the action. I'm learning to knit and can already rewind a ball of wool.
My current project involves scratching on a big tree-trunk by the window, which makes lovely sawdust and keeps my claws down. It's also useful for jumping up at the flies.
I haven't made it into the garden yet, but I can swear at the birds and sleep on the windowsill if it's sunny. I've noticed some men outside who seem to be mending the garden wall. I wonder why? They came into the house for tea and I gave them an audience, although their paws were not very clean.
The vet was very respectful and I heard him telling The Other One that I was the most beautiful Tonky he had ever seen(I bet he says that to all of us), so I didn't scratch him and got a Cat Treat for being a good boy.
Love from your best boy,

4th March 2017:
Greetings from north Bucks! it's me, Tonkyway Capricorni, hoping this finds you all as well as it leaves me. I'm glad to hear that my half-brother Chertan will now be the father of many kittens. I hope he has found somebody else to curl up with? I wondered about that since I left him. I feel a bit guilty because I can access both my staff whenever I want to warm my paws.
There's a difference in the air these days. I put my nose in the space between the window and the sill, and I can smell all kinds of new scents on the breeze. There seems to be a very big room out there and I'd like to explore it when that funny wet stuff stops falling out of the sky.
There's a funny sort of glass area in the greenhouse floor and strange shiny creatures without legs are moving round and round under it. Makes me dizzy if I watch them too long. They get pellets like mine. (Don't tell anybody, but I tried some that fell on the floor and they aren't bad.)
The Other One has planted a pot of grass specially for me. She showed it to me on her bathroom window-sill. It's doing quite well, so I just trim it a little each morning.
I follow the sun round the house, but my favourite place is on top of the bookcase, which affords a good view of the feathery things in the next-door neighbours' old orchard. There are some black ones which argue a lot, starting at dawn with a most terrible racket. They have no idea of music at all, whereas I practice my scales every day to make sure they sound as good as the previous time I tried my voice.
Love from Tonkyway Capricorni.

Capri at 8 months

TONKYWAY AURORA Tonkinese Chocolate CPP - dob 14 December 2010

Aurora is a really lovely girl who has given me several litters of beautiful kittens. She is mother to one of my current Stud Boys - "Chertan" and therefore is Grandmother and Great Grandmother to a number of kittens. Aurora is a very healthy cat with a good appetite, she has always been a little chubby, which is great for a breeding queen. As her current litter are all boys I will let her have one more litter to Capricorni before retiring her. Aurora is the type of cat that would need to go to a household where either she is the only cat, or, share a home with one of her last male kittens.

Sep 2016 Update: Aurora has been adopted and gone to live with her son Tonkyway Zenith (now Oscar) at Tom and Jens in Melksham.
2016 Aug Aurora and Oscar 1 2016 Aug Aurora and Oscar 2 2016 Aug Aurora and Oscar 3