27 May 2011


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Raffy is a delightful boy, the largest of the litter, he is very affectionate and playful and has settled into my household really well. My Siamese 'Luna' adopted him on his arrival and he also found a ready playmate in my other import 'Mizuki'. Raffy is now adjusting to a life in his own stud quarters where he has the companionship of my Siamese stud boy 'Mr. Bubs' and retired tonk queen 'Sky'.

He is a happy boy who I'm sure will be an asset to my cattery and breeding programme. I am particularly fond of the tabby coat pattern and Raffy has lovely markings. My thanks to Sue Amor for entrusting me with one of her lovely boys.

Raffy has been shown successfully as a kitten. He is now classed as an Adult and I intend to continue to show him. At the recent Kernow Show the judges decided that he is a Caramel Tabby and not a brown as previously thought. His registration has been changed.
Raffy will be open to outside tested queens on the active register from Summer 2012.

Raffy is now proud dad to several litters and has has passed on his good looks, charm and affectionate temperament to all.

At the Somerset Cat Club Show held on Saturday 2 June 2012 Raffy gained his first cc; we are very proud of him.

Now two years old Raffy has proven himself to be a very able stud boy, he has fathered a number of litters of healthy babies which have all inherited his very laid back and friendly nature. Some of these kittens are also doing well on the show bench It is one of these kittens (Chertan) that I have chosen to take over as stud boy. Raffy has been adopted by another breeder so will continue to be a stud boy for a few years. He goes on to his new home in May 2014