Tonkyway & Sialaxy kittens are extremely well adjusted individuals. Very confident, affectionate and active, so I hope your home is ready for these little rockets! I rear them on whole fresh food - fresh minced chicken, minced rabbit etc; they will also have had the opportunity to eat good quality commercial pet foods such as "James well-beloved", "Arden Grange" and "Royal Canin". I like them to be at least 1kg in weight before they leave at 13 weeks. All kittens will have completed their Primary course of inoculations. They will have been regularly treated for worms, and will receive a spot-on flea preventative treatment if deemed necessary.

2019 Kitten Price is from £700 (Deposit of £150 per kitten, reundable only if I cannot provide said kitten/s), which includes vet checks, all primary vaccinations appropriate for the kittens age, currently these are (PUREVAX RCP FeLV), which covers kittens for FIE (Feline Infectious enteritis); Cat Flu - two types FHV-1 Herpeovirus) & FCV (Feline calicivirus); FeLV (Feline Leukaemia. All kittens will have been wormed a minimum of three times from birth, and will be microchipped by my vet. Kittens are registered on the Non-Active register with the GCCF and also with TICA if requested, this means they are sold as Pets only, and are not to be used for breeding. Kittens may be neutered early to ensure they are not bred from. The registration papers are for the purpose of ensuring that the kitten is what its supposed to be and that, its parentage is known. Please read the GCCF code of ethics page as you will be required to sign a Adoption Contract upon collection of your kitten/s. You will also receive a five generation, breeder signed laminated pedigree showing the inbreeding percentage, and a very informative Kitten Information letter.

In addition all kittens will go to their new homes with a kitten pack that contains Royal Canin, Arden Grange & 'James Well-beloved' food vouchers, food samples, Health record, Pedigree, 4 weeks insurance through Pet Plan, toys and care information. Also and, most importantly, my assurance that if for any reason a kitten does not settle into your household I will always have them back. I like all new parents to keep in touch and send me regular updates on progress, and if you have any queries/questions I am always available to help.

Although I love to see two, or more, kittens going to the same home, I currently have more adoptees than I'm able to provide kittens for, consequently there is no discount for multiple kittens.
I operate a wait-list system whereby all potential adoptees are required to visit me prior to moving from my initial enquiry list to the Wait/Reserve list, there is no obligation on either part at this stage. The reservation fee will only be requested when and if you are ready to make a commitment and not before the litter is six weeks of age. I am always willing to hold a kitten for a couple of weeks after the date it is ready (currently 14 weeks of age or a minimum of 7 days from 2nd vaccination), to fit in with existing holiday plans so that the kittens transition into your home is as stress-free as possible.


Throughout the year I do receive a number of enquiries from people who wish to purchase a kitten with a view to breeding. Although each enquiry does merit a personal reply, please read and consider the following before making your enquiry as I will only consider those who have really considered carefully what is involved.

  1. How much research have you done into this breed? Are you prepared to do, possibly extensive research, so that you have a good understanding of the history, pedigrees and genetics.
  2. How many other Breeders/Catteries for this breed are there within a certain radius of where you live?
  3. How much time do you have? do you work full/part time or are you retired? Are you fit and healthy? Looking after kittens is hard work. Do you have experienced friends and family to help/support you.
  4. What experience do you have of breeding pets?
  5. How much travelling are you prepared to do in order to find healthy breeding stock?
  6. Can you cope with possibly losing kittens at birth/or later, or indeed your 'Queen'?
  7. Have you the financial means to cover all the costs that may be involved? these can be extensive when something goes wrong as most veterinary problems connected to breeding cats are not covered by Pet insurance.
  8. Are you patient? prepared to take your time to ensure that you start out correctly and continue to breed for the benefit of the Breed.
  9. Registration of your kittens is a must and this has to be with a Governing Cat Fancy. Here in the UK this is the GCCF - Their website has lots of information to help breeders. If you live in Europe then you will need to become a Registered Breeder with the GCCF and obtain your own Prefix/Cattery name; before you can do this you will need to be/have been a paid up member of a Breed Cat Club here in the UK for a minimum of one year...
  10. Most important of all, your kittens deserve to have loving forever homes, have you got enough space to provide for these kittens until a suitable adoptee comes along. Are you prepared to thoroughly 'vet' that person? Your responsibility does not end when this kitten goes to its new home.

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If you are interested in becoming a Tonkinese or Siamese adoptive parent please contact me.