Ch. Phabbay Galactic Comet


2nd February 2019

The Males

Kiche - Blue CPP (TOS a 33) (Adopted)
Puck - Brown Tabby CPP (TOS n 21 33) (Adopted)

The Females

Zuhra - Blue Tabby CPP (TOS a 21 33)(Retained)
Asteria - Brown CPP (Tos n 33)(Adopted)
Staris - Brown Tabby CPP (TOS n 21 33)(Adopted)


Zohreh is a very confident and independent cat. She never requires any assistance but welcomes a bit of company whilst she is giving birth. Zohreh kept me waiting but eventually settled down to give birth during the early evening. She was very large, but then she is a cat who loves her food; even so there was the possibility of a large litter, thankfully this did not happen and she produced five lovely large kittens which were soon getting stuck in at the milk bar. Zohreh is a very fierce mum so all other cats have to be kept well away so she does not become stressed.