Xing's Kittens 2015


Shekoa Lilac Charmer (24c)


23 May 2015

Xing certainly kept us waiting this time as she had spent the best part of two weeks being charmed by Magic so kittens were due anytime from 13 May. Once she finally decided it was time she did not hang about and kittens were born quickly, with no complications. Xing always looks like she is carrying a dozen as she really loves her food and always has a nice covering and round tummy.

Now at seven weeks Xings kitts are adventurous and confident, they love the climbing frame and are very vocal. Like their mum they love their food.


The Males

Seren (Adopted)

The Females

Mei-Xing (Retained)
Astrina (Adopted)
Starlis (Adopted)