Venus's Kittens 2015


Tonkyway Chertan (TOS n 21 33)


6 March 2015

The Males

Kokab (74 40 1) Reserved

The Females

Zohreh (74 40 12) Reserved
Tara (74 40 12) Reserved


Venus took her time with this last litter which is smaller than her previous average. She has three lovely healthy kittens two female and one male, and she is doing them proud. They were born on my bed (normal delivery place for Venus). At two days old their eyes were open and they were taking in everything. At a week old they were already coming towards my voice and at two weeks old they are very mobile and talkative, coming over as soon as they see me. Venus is looking a picture of health. These are definitely her last litter and she will be spayed after the kittens are weaned so that she can enjoy a hopefully long and relaxing retirement.