Venus's Kittens 2013


Amorcatz Rafa Nadal (74nt)


8 April 2013

The Males

Capricorni (74atv)
Sirius (74atv) - Adopted
Altair (74atv) - Adopted
Vega (74atv) - Adopted
Spica (74atv) - Adopted

The Females

Suli (74atv) - Adopted
Nashira (74atv) - Adopted


Venus gave birth between 2 and 6am to seven lovely healthy kittens. Seven boys and 2 girls, all were a good weight at birth being between 99g and 121g. Venus is a really good mum and as usual chose to have them all on my bed. On day 2 she moved them. They are now firmly established in their kitten bed in my bathroom which has a heated floor. Eyes started to open from the 4th day. At almost two weeks old they are already 300+g and are climbing out of their bed so it won't be long before they are exploring their surroundings.

These kittens are large, lively, well grown and very affectionate they will make perfect pets but being 4th generation they are also eligible for showing and some of this litter are going to breeders.