Taurina Kittens 2018


Marajade Filius Flitwick (SIA n)


20 February 2018

The Males

Medini - Seal Point
Tuwa - Seal Point (Adopted)
Daichi - Seal Point

The Females

Damia - Seal Point (Adopted)


Taurina is such a 'mummy' cat, she has looked on patiently through the past two weeks whilst Talayeh nursed her kittens and finally she was able to move in with them to produce her own brood. She is a diligent mum and the four kitts seem to love being snuggled up to older kittens. These are Taurina's first Siamese babies as previously she has bred Tonkinese for me, and her boy from last year is here as a Stud.