Sitara's kittens 2017


Zephanco Dreamweaver (TOS b 33) Chocolate CPP


27 March 2017

The Males

Jayant - Brown Tabby TCR (Adopted)
Ipil - Brown Tabby CPP (Adopted)
Ashwin - Brown CPP (Adopted)
Izarra - Blue TCR (Adopted)

The Females

Keiyona - Brown TCR (Retained)
Eustella - Brown CPP (Adopted)
Tarli - Brown CPP (Adopted)


Sitara is such a 'chilled out' cat, she just quietly got on with the job of giving birth and popped out seven little ones, all of a very similar size. These kittens will be browns and chocolates, some tabby and a mixture of TCR & CPP coat patterns. She is a very good mum and the kittens are all really content. Eyes were open at 5 days and they are now all moving around the bed and paying attention to what is going on around them.