Shenandoah and Titan kittens 2016


Chataya Titan Milkyway (74c)


19 October 2016

The Females

Jude Ninurta (Adopted)


This was Shen's first pregnancy and she visited with Titan at just a year old due to her continual 'calls'. All went well with the pregnancy although she did not get too large. From the due date I was checked her all the time but as they days went by and there was no signs of her going into labour I started to wonder if it was a 'false pregnancy'. When we got to the 69th day I took her to be scanned, and yes she was indeed pregnant and two heart beats were detected, one was very weak. Shen stayed and had a Caesarian, whereupon one kitten survived, a brown male. Shen accepted her kitten without any problems and loves him so much, she is so enjoying being a mum. He is a strong healthy kitten with a very loud voice and is already calling all the shots.

I am delighted to say that Jude along with Pandora's 'Isis' have been adopted by Wilma Morrison of Phabbay Tonkinese, in Scotland. Both are going to be in Wilma's breeding programme. More pictures of these two will be added to the Feedback page in due course.