Pandora's Kittens 2017


Ch. Phabbbay Galactic Comet TOS b 33 (Chocolate CPP)


6 November 2017


Pandora is such a gentle and loving cat. She went into labour late on Monday afternoon and took her time delivering the first kitten which was breech and a good size. Three more kittens followed, all breech and all a good size. She is a lovely mum, who eats well and has lots of milk.

IMG_7616.JPG Day 1 IMG_2218.jpg Day 5 IMG_7717.jpg Pandora & kitts 25 days IMG_7769.JPG Five weeks IMG_7771.JPG Five weeks IMG_7774.JPG Five weeks 3+RJZGMQB6EnFtbYAGrQ.jpg 7 weeks 3TbV9+krQuyWEQzaUNKDDw.jpg 7 weeks ncx8ZjAASO2WEoi3qTK7EA.jpg 7 weeks rSG8D8VWSd6JRm6OXjGMAw.jpg 7 weeks IMG_7864.JPG 9 weeks IMG_7866.JPG 9 weeks IMG_7871.JPG 9 weeks IMG_7874.JPG 9 weeks IMG_7875.JPG 9 weeks IMG_7876.JPG 9 weeks