Pandora's Kittens 2016




19 October 2016

The Females

Isis Sopdet (Adopted)


Pandora is a lovely big girl, very bouncy, playful and great fun. She is one of those cats that is permanently a kitten. As soon as Shen came home from the vets with her new baby Pandora decided it was time to go into labour too, and promptly produced one kitten. I continued to check her regularly but no more kittens were forthcoming, even though she looked as if she was carrying half a dozen. This one kitten is I think going to be a Blue point and is female and not male as I first thought. She is a strong girl just like her mum and will no doubt have the same wonderful character.

I am delighted to say that Isis along with Shenandoah's 'Jude' have been adopted by Wilma Morrison of Phabbay Tonkinese, in Scotland. Both are going to be in Wilma's breeding programme. More pictures of these two will be added to the Feedback page in due course.

IMG_6078.jpg 15 days IMG_6131.jpg 20 days IMG_6168.jpg 27 days IMG_1323.jpg 33 days IMG_1325.jpg 33 days IMG_1381.jpg Seven weeks IMG_1445.jpg Nine weeks IMG_1488.jpg Ten weeks