Pandora's Kittens 2015




16 September 2015

The Males

Balendu (Chocolate CPP) ADOPTED
Abalendu (Blue) ADOPTED
Kalypso (Brown) ADOPTED
Tulay (Chocolate) ADOPTED

The Females

Celena (Brown BCR) ADOPTED


Pandora is a lovely big girl with a very relaxed personality. She has taken to motherhood without any stress. Apart from wanting a little reassurance through the birthing process she managed without any assistance. Four of the births were breech which is always a little more difficult for maiden queens. She has five lovely kittens, all of good weight, all feeding and growing well. First indications are four males one female and there is a mix of colours from a definite brown to a possible Lilac.

Colour and coat patterns finally sorted and Pandora has produced the classic mix, one Brown BCR; one Chocolate CPP; and three TCR's, a Brown, Blue and Lilac. At four weeks old they are running around and enjoying their first taste of solid food. Pandora is still being a very attentive mum and has lots of milk for them so they are tubby kittens.

IMG_0545.JPG Day 1 IMG_4422.JPG Day 4 IMG_4434.JPG Day 8 IMG_4486.JPG Day 15 IMG_4487.JPG Day 15 IMG_4512.JPG Day 18 IMG_4536.JPG 26 days IMG_4544.JPG 28 days IMG_4547.JPG 28 days IMG_4548.JPG 28 days IMG_4562.JPG Brown boy 5 weeks IMG_4563.JPG Brown BCR girl 5 weeks IMG_4567.JPG Five weeks IMG_4568.JPG Five weeks IMG_4663.JPG Pandora and kitts at 8 weeks IMG_4676.jpg Tulay 9 weeks IMG_4677.jpg Abalendu 9 weeks IMG_4680.jpg Tulay, Balendu, Abalendu 9 weeks IMG_4681.jpg Abalendu and Balendu 9 weeks IMG_4683.jpg Kalypso & Abalendu 9 weeks IMG_4709.jpg 11 weeks IMG_4710.jpg 11 weeks IMG_4711.jpg Celene 11 weeks IMG_4712.jpg Abalendu 11 weeks IMG_4713.jpg 11 weeks IMG_4717.jpg 12 weeks old IMG_4719.jpg Balendu 12 weeks IMG_4720.jpg Celena & Kalypso 12 weeks IMG_4721.jpg Abalendu & Tulay 12 weeks IMG_4728.jpg Kalypso 12 weeks IMG_4729.jpg Tulay 12 weeks IMG_4739.jpg 12 weeks IMG_4722.jpg Celena & Kalypso 12 weeks IMG_4749.jpg ​4749 - Abalendu 13 weeks IMG_4755.jpg ​4755 - Celena 13 weeks IMG_4778.jpg ​Celena at 13 weeks IMG_4788.jpg Kalypso 13 weeks IMG_4803.jpg Tulay & Celena with mum​ IMG_4821.jpg 14 weeks​ IMG_4827.jpg Balendu 14 weeks IMG_4836.jpg 14 weeks​ IMG_4847.jpg 14 weeks​ IMG_4895.jpg Tulay 19 weeks IMG_4904.jpg Tulay 20 weeks IMG_4907.jpg Tulay 20 weeks IMG_4976.jpg Tulay IMG_0702.jpg Tulay six month birthday IMG_0705.jpg Tulay six month birthday IMG_5062.jpg Tulay - 6 months IMG_5064.jpg Tulay says goodbye to mum