Mizuki's Kittens 2016


Ch. Stonearch Shogun Harry (Lilac Point)


1st September 2016

In her usual manner Miz produced her kittens without any assistance or fuss. She is an excellent mum, very relaxed. Mim looked very large before giving birth so it was no surprise that she produced seven little ones. All are of similar size and will be Lilacs and Chocolates. This is Miz's last litter as she is being retired once the kittens are weaned. One little one will be hopefully stepping into mums paw prints to carry on this bloodline.

The Males

Akihito - Lilac (Adopted)
Triton - Chocolate (Adopted)
Jomei - Chocolate (Adopted)
Taiyo - Chocolate (Adopted)
Calypso - Lilac (Adopted)

The Females

Luciana - Lilac (Retained)
Miharu - Chocolate (Adopted)

IMG_5673.jpg Birthday IMG_1181.jpg Day 6 IMG_1182.jpg Day 6 IMG_5771.jpg Day 7 IMG_5774.jpg Day 9 IMG_5775.jpg Day 9 IMG_5824.jpg 17 days IMG_5826.jpg 17 days IMG_5849.jpg 21 days IMG_5883.jpg 24 days IMG_5896.jpg 27 days IMG_5897.jpg 27 days IMG_5915.jpg 33 days IMG_5986.jpg Six weeks IMG_5987.jpg Six weeks IMG_5988.jpg Six weeks IMG_6017.jpg Seven weeks IMG_6028.jpg Seven weeks IMG_6029.jpg Seven weeks IMG_6036.jpg Seven weeks IMG_6044.jpg 8 weeks IMG_6046.jpg 8 weeks IMG_6047.jpg 8 weeks IMG_6048.jpg 8 weeks IMG_6075.jpg 9 weeks IMG_6076.jpg 9 weeks IMG_6077.jpg 9 weeks IMG_6219.jpg Triton 12 wks IMG_6228.jpg Miharu 12 wks IMG_6231.jpg Luciana 12 wks IMG_6232.jpg Akihito 12 wks IMG_6238.jpg Taiyo 12 wks IMG_6241.jpg Jomei 12 wks IMG_1350.jpg Calypso 13 weeks IMG_1355.jpg Taiyo 13 weeks IMG_1417.jpg Lucy with Mum and big sister Mist