Mizuki's Kittens 2013




4 December 2013

Mizuki kept me waiting for these kittens but they are certainly worth it. She has five lovely healthy kittens of good size and she is a very doting mother.

Miz with her very relaxed and easy going nature adopted Ying Yings surviving kitten (Yingki) without complaint and has mothered him as if he were her own. Her kittens being so much larger have always had first call at the milk bar but they all get along really well. They are affectionate kittens with lots of energy and now at 7 weeks old are really starting to enjoy solid food.

The Males

Tycho (24b) - Adopted
Eclipse (24b) - Adopted

The Females

Mahina Mist (24c) - Retained

IMG_0760.JPG IMG_0761.JPG IMG_0785.JPG IMG_0787.JPG Miz & kitts 1 hour old.JPG IMG_0826.JPG 14 days IMG_0829.JPG 17 days IMG_0830.JPG 17 days IMG_0831.JPG I love my mum (17 days old) IMG_0864.JPG 22 days 4 weeks old.JPG 4 weeks old IMG_0870.JPG 4 weeks IMG_0879.jpg 5 weeks IMG_0880.jpg 5 weeks IMG_0886.jpg 38 days IMG_0888.jpg 38 days 38 days (5).JPG 38 days IMG_0894.JPG Male kitt - 6 weeks IMG_0906.jpg Female kitt 6 weeks IMG_0907.JPG Lap of luxury - 8 wks old IMG_0914.JPG 8 weeks - male IMG_0916.JPG Bit of a squash IMG_0924.jpg Eclipse 8 weeks IMG_0928.jpg Tycho 8 weeks IMG_0931.jpg Mahina 8 weeks IMG_0932.jpg Mahina & Eclipse 8 weeks IMG_0935.jpg Gotcha IMG_0937.JPG Playtime IMG_0962.JPG Altogether 9 and 7 weeks IMG_1018.jpg Fight-time at 9 weeks IMG_1022.jpg Tycho 9 weeks IMG_1030.JPG Tycho & Mahina 9 weeks IMG_1032.JPG Mizuki & Ecliupse (9 wks) IMG_1050.JPG Tycho takes a snooze IMG_1052.jpg Eclipse 10 weeks IMG_1074.jpg Mahina 11 weeks IMG_1075.jpg  Amaris with Eclipse IMG_1080.jpg Tycho 11 wks IMG_1082.JPG Tycho 11 wks IMG_1095.JPG Miz & Kitts 11 weeks old IMG_1105.jpg Eclipse 11 weeks Tycho Eclipse Amaris Yingki.JPG Tycho Eclipse Amaris Yingki IMG_1164.JPG Eclipse 12 weeks IMG_1167.JPG The proud mum IMG_1195.jpg Miz kitts 13 weeks with Amaris IMG_1306.JPG Bye Bye to Tycho - 16 weeks IMG_1308.JPG Bye Bye to Eclipse - 16 weeks