Mists kittens 2017


Chintziam Sialaxy's Galileo


8th July 2017



The Males

Halo - Blue Point (Adopted)
Kiran - Lilac Point (Adopted)
Delmos - Lilac Point (Adopted)
Aki - Lilac Point (Adopted)
Altan - Lilac Point (Adopted)

The Females

Almika - Blue Point (Adopted)


Mist is an extremely good mum, very protective of her kittens and very private. It was a few days before I could get any pics of these little ones. No problems with the birth and she had her mum around to lend support and still does. These are the second litter for Leo and all look to be good size kittens, very strong and healthy. Eyes were open around 4/5 days.