Ksora's kittens 2018


Marajade Filius Flitwick (SIA n)


16th March 2018

The Males

Cepheus (SIA n) (Adopted)
Perseus (SIA n)

The Females

Auriga (SIA a 21) (Adopted)
Tsih (SIA n 21)
Lacerta (SIA a) (Adopted)


Ksora was extremely restless for 24 hours prior to birthing. She could not seem to settle and when she started to give birth the kittens were born in all different places. It took several hours after she had finished for her to finally settle down to being a mum, but all kittens look well and are of even size. This is Ksora's third litter and she has always been a good mum in the past.