Isa's kittens 2017


Chintziam Sialaxys Galileo - (SIA c)


22 July 2017

The Males

Charon - Seal Point (Adopted)
Archun - Lilac Point (Adopted)
Khalama - Blue Point (Adopted)
Bluemoon - Blue Point (Adopted)

The Females

Kealani - Lilac Point (Adopted)
Naria - Blue Point (Adopted)
Kawena - Blue Point (Adopted)
Semine - Blue Point (Adopted)


Isa is a very confident and private mum, she dug herself a nice small nest almost burying herself and then quietly got on with delivering eight little ones without any fuss or mess. It was a couple of days before I was able to even see how many kittens there actually were. All are healthy and lively and she is coping extremely well with such a large family.