Helene's Kittens 2014


Tonkyway Chertan (74tv)


2 May 2014

Helene with the assistance of mid-cat "Rhea" delivered five kittens over a period of three hours at a respectable am time. Rhea did all the cleaning and caring whilst Helena just got on with the job of delivering. First indications are that there are four males and one female.

Helenas kittens have grown into lovely young kittens, very affectionate and full of energy. This litter of kittens are all eligible for the show bench. Helena is now spayed and is enjoying her early retirement from breeding.

The Males

Epimetheus (74at 40) - Adopted
Pan (74c) - Adopted
Janus (74nt) EMS:TOS m 21 32 - Adopted
Hyperion (74at 40) - Adopted

The Females

Pandora (74) - Retained